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9 idioms com a palavra “cabeça”

head to head: in a race, when two contestants are doing as well as each other.
“They are head to head in the polls.”
(Eles estão empatados nas pesquisas)

off the top of your head: when you give an answer to something without having the time to reflect.
“What’s our market strategy?” “Well, off the top of my head, I can suggest…”
(Bem, de cabeça, eu sugeriria …)

have a good head for: be good at something.
“He’s an accountant and he has a good head for figures.”
(Ele é contador e tem uma cabeça boa pra números)

have your head in the clouds: dream.
“He’s always got his head in the clouds – he makes all these impossible plans.”
(Ele tá sempre com a cabeça nas nuvens)

go over your head: To take up an issue with another person’s boss or other superior rather than beginning or continuing to deal with the original person.
“She went over his head and took her complaint directly to the president of the company.”
(Ela passou por cima dele e foi reclamar direto com o presidente da empresa)

keep your head: stay calm.
“He always keeps his head in a crisis.”
(Ele sempre mantém a calma em momentos de crise)

be head over heels in love: be completely in love.
“You can see that he’s head over heels in love with her.”
(Dá pra ver que ele está super apaixonado por ela)

keep your head above water: manage to survive financially.
“Despite the recession, they kept their heads above water.”
(Apesar da recessão, eles conseguiram sobreviver financeiramente)

use your head: think about something to solve a problem.
“It’s quite simple – just use your head!”
(É muito simples! Use a cabeça!)

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